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Beef Entrees - served mild or spicy

  Tibs Wot  
  Beef Sauteed in a rich red pepper stew made with minced onion, garlic, and seasoned with berbere and Ethiopian spices.  
  Large chucks of beef seared kebe (clarified butter) and awaze and berbere and other Ethiopian spices.  
  Zil-zil Tibs  
  Strips of beef , slowly cooked in the Chef's special sauce.  
  Queen's Beef Tibs  
  Beef sauteed with onions, jalapeno peppers, Ethiopian spices, rosemary, along with a special savory sauce, cooked to your temperature. Also may be prepared with awaze sauce.   
spicy Kitfo  
  Finely chopped beef tartar with miitmita (spices) and kebe (clarified butter). Traditionally served raw, or served leblev (lightly cooked), or tibse (cooked).  
  Queen's Kitfo Special  
  Finely chopped tartar with fresh chopped jalapeno, onion, garlic and Ethiopian spices.  
  Gomen with Beef  
  Seasoned beef with mild seasoning, mixed with steamed collard greens  

* Order mild or spicy

* All entrees include Injera and vegetables